Rachel Bowyer

Piano / Keyboard / Flute / Recorder / Singing

"I started learning to play musical instruments at a young age and my passion to continue to learn and improve has given me so many opportunities in performing, writing and teaching. 

I have been teaching for about 15 years and I truly believe that all people have the opportunity to learn a new skill, whatever challenges it may bring and whatever age they are. 

I love to see how much confidence it gives the individual when they learn a new skill and the joy it brings when each stage is completed. 

I try and tailor each lesson based on the student and am happy to adapt lessons to the needs required. I have played/taught a variety of instruments and I highly recommend trying out different instruments when learning and don't get discouraged if one instrument is too challenging, they are all different and they won't all suit all people, it's best to find one that works well with you"