What our customers are saying

"My daughter really loves her lessons with Allison and is progressing well.The difference in her playing this year has been amazing to see and she has started to prepare for her Grade 1 later in the year. Allison is very patient and helps Caitlin to pay attention to the detail of each song as well as recommending different ways for her to learn her notes such as by using flash cards at home. Caitlin enjoys her lessons very much and looks forward to them every week. I would definitely recommend the lessons, and Allison as a teacher. There is weekly communication about how Caitlin is getting on and what she needs to work on, which helps us at home with practicing" Sinead Roper

"My daughter Evie really looks forward to her flute lessons with Amy. Evie struggles with a lack of confidence and learning to play the flute has helped her build that confidence. Amy has been very supportive of Evie and has encouraged her whilst communicating with me regards any concerns. Evie was also able to take part in a concert at school, playing her flute to an audience which was a really good experience for her" - Cassandra Trower 

"The boys love their lessons with Claire and have progressed very well indeed. They always tell me about their lessons and what needs working on at home" - Vicky Simpson

"Alex loves it and I think the fact that he looks forward to his lesson with Amber each week speaks volumes 😊" - Jo Newcombe

"I have twin daughter and they have both been having lessons with Charlotte. One of them has singing and the other piano lessons and i have found Charlotte extremely helpful and encouraging to them both and has always kept me right up to date with their progress. I have also been invited into the school twice now to watch them perform in assembly which has been lovely - seeing them perform in front of the shoe school shows how brilliant she is with them" - Charlotte Gough

"My son thoroughly enjoys his trumpet lessons with James. James is so calm and patient. He is positive in his teaching methods, motivational and truly inspirational to my son" - Ruth Wardle

"Jessica is supportive, encouraging and a great motivator for my son. She is knowledgeable and communicates regularly and responds to all my queries. She makes music lessons fun" - Nana Clarke

"Ebony absolutely loves her singing lesson with Lauren. Lauren is such a wonderful teacher, and since being taught by Lauren, Ebony's confidence in her singing ability and herself has grown so much. We love hearing her sing and all her teachers were bought to tears at Ebony's latest performance as they were astounded by how beautiful her voice is. We highly recommend Lauren and really hope Ebony can continue her lessons with Lauren when she moves up to secondary school" - Tanya Barr

"Richard is fantastic, both my children speak very highly of him, commenting each week that the lessons are fun and they love going. I also like that he writes a clear note so i know what they have covered in the lessons and what to practice at home" - George Watson

"Amelia is really enjoying her lessons with Scott, he makes her feel comfortable. In a short space of time she has learnt so much. She only has short lessons, but each week comes homes and has learnt something new. I'm very pleased with what she has done and considering i only pay £12 per month it's great value for money!" - Kimberley Woodcock