"I started playing guitar at 11yrs old & was playing with musicians in bands 10 years my senior by the time I was 16!

I’ve always played live & always love it. I have recorded 2 albums in the last 3 years & toured the UK extensively.

I started to enjoy teaching 25 years ago, I found just as much happiness in watching someone ‘get it’ about a certain musical aspect or just to see a beginner enjoy understanding the basics of music. The guitar is such a versatile instrument nowadays with the advent of MIDI, recording software etc, I am presently recording songs & experimenting with sounds also which is an ongoing & fascinating process on top of just sitting down & playing the guitar or ukulele.

I teach classical up to Grade 3 & rock/pop/funk up to recording & gigging level. I have taught in schools from primary age upwards for over 10 years & have enjoyed seeing some of my more mature students go on to record their own albums & tour"