Instruments: Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Singing

Personal Message

Having played music since pre-school age, I have grown up with it and know how important it is for every child to have the chance to learn, enjoy and experience music as much as possible. Helping  pupils to love and enjoy music through  their lessons  is one of the best things for me, and I am keen to give as many pupils as possible the opportunity to follow their own musical journey. 


"I have twin daughters and they have both been having lessons with Charlotte (since September during school). One of them has singing lessons and the other piano lessons and i have found Charlotte to be extremely helpful and encouraging to them both and has always kept me right up to date with their progress. I have also been invited into the school twice now to watch them perform in assembly which has been lovely - seeing them perform in front of the whole school shows how brilliant she is with them!" - Charlotte Gough

Schools with JMP Music

St Norbert's Catholic Primary

Weston Hills C of E Primary