Instruments: Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Flute



Personal Message

I have always had an interest in music and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to teach others. I enjoy seeing my pupils reach their goals. It's great to see their excitement at learning something new. 

I try to tailor lessons to the individual by first finding out what music they are interested in and what they would like to achieve from their lessons.


"My daughter thoroughly enjoys her piano lessons with Amy and looks forward to them every week. We have enjoyed hearing her progression when she plays at home and have seen her grow in confidence and feel able to perform in front of parents and pupils at a school Christmas concert" - Helen Young

"My daughter Evie really looks forward to her flute lessons with Amy. Evie struggles with a lack of confidence, and learning to play the flute has helped her build that confidence. Amy has been very supportive of Evie and has encouraged her whilst communicating with me regarding any concerns. Evie was also able to take part in a concert at school, playing her flute to an audience which was really good experience for her" - Cassandra Trower 

Schools with JMP Music

Hampton Hargate Primary 

Watergall Primary

William de Yaxley C of E Academy