Jessica: Piano, Keyboards, Clarinet, Flute, Sax     



Personal Message

Having a creative outlet has been an important part of my life. I know that learning and playing music can be an enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding process.

I am a relaxed, methodical and patient teacher and enjoy helping other people develop a talent. I treat each pupil as an individual and take into account their personal musical interests and pace of learning and hope to encourage each pupil to reach their full potential.


"From a complete beginner, Jessica has in the space of two terms brought Harry (8) to a point where he not only enjoys playing his clarinet but makes good sounds and reads music confidently. Her term end reports give Harry a confirmation of his progress and motivate him to continue his studies" - Nick Friend, Parent of pupil at St Botolphs

"James (8) has had lessons with Jessica for 2 terms and has thoroughly enjoyed learning to read music and play the clarinet. Having never played any instrument before, he reads and plays with confidence, and thanks to Jessica's teaching, is now ready to study for his Grade 1 exam. After each lesson James comes home with clear instructions on what to practice during the week and he's always keen to do this!" - Julia Law, Parent of pupil at Nene Valley

"My daughter for the past year has been taught piano by Jessica King. She has progressed very well and always enjoys her lessons. Jessica makes my daughter's lessons fun and is always very encouraging. She is to be entered for her piano prep test soon which is a great achievement. Jessica is reliable, punctual, and flexible, and if a piano lesson has to be cancelled for any reason she will do her utmost to reschedule the lesson" - Amanda Wadley-Jones, Parent of pupil at Newborough

"My daughter started to learn the clarinet when she began KS2, She has thoroughly enjoyed her weekly individual lesson and has grown in confidence whilst playing the clarinet. Her clarinet teacher is excellent and my daughter always talks very positively about her. I would recommend her universally" - Danielle Carmichael, Parent of pupil at Werrington

Schools with JMP Music

Alderman Jacobs Primary

Duke of Bedford Primary 

Nene Valley Primary 

Newborough Primary

St Botolphs Primary

Werrington Primary 

Woodston Primary