Instrumental Lessons in Schools


Each pupil receives 10-12 lessons over the course of each term, 30 in total over the academic year, with more than 30 available for a supplement.

Lessons are available with the instruments currently available, although not every instrument is taught at every school through JMP Music 

Lesson Choices

Lessons are available through the following choices:- 

  • Group 
  • Individual 15 Minute (pupils can pair up for 30 Minutes)
  • Individual 20 Minute
  • Individual 30 Minute
Lesson Prices

Parents can choose to pay either Termly or Monthly. Termly payments can be paid online or by cheque/cash, whereas Monthly payments are set up as a standing order. Monthly payments are the same each month of the year, irrespective of how many lessons are taught in each month. 

Prices do vary slightly from school to school, but typical primary school rates are as follows:-

Lesson Choice                      Termly                      Monthly  

Group                                       £40 - £48                £10 - £12

Individual 15 Minute               £70 - £75                £18 - £19

Individual 20 Minute               £90 - £95                £23 - £24

Individual 30 Minute               £130 - £135            £33 - £34 

Secondary school prices are slightly higher and these are stated on the application forms when requested.

Terms & Conditions

A full list of all the terms and conditions governing the lessons can be found on the application forms prior to signing up.