Instrument Hire & Purchase Options

JMP Music do not supply any Instruments direct to parents, but there are numerous options for parents when choosing an Instrument to hire or purchase for their child.

Paul Rundle

Paul is an instrument supplier who works with Normans Music, and JMP Music are delighted to have started working with Paul to provide quality and affordable instruments to parents. Paul can supply ideal budget/starter instruments, supplied by well known brands, and all are comprehensively tested to make sure they are in excellent working condition before being distributed.

Instruments and prices available are:-

Flutes/Clarinets/Trumpets/Cornets - from £80 (plus postage) 

Alto Saxophones - from £190 (plus postage)

Paul can also supply lots of accessories such as mouthpieces, reeds, valve oil etc.

Contact Details:-

Tel: 07976 642769

Other Instrument Options 

Many options are available, but some of the best (for purchases and rental schemes) are listed below:-

Pianos (Upright/Electric/Digital)

Breve Music, Peterborough

Stamford Music Shop

Numerous websites also sell decent 2nd hand pianos.

Important: When a child starts piano lessons it is not essential he/she has a piano at home to practice on. Keyboards can do the job until the child wishes to start grades/exams, which is when an actual piano becomes important.


Breve Music, Peterborough

Stamford Music Shop


Woodwind & Brass

Stamford Music Shop

Millers, Cambridge

Woodwind & Reed, Cambridge


Chris (drum teacher) does sell 2nd hand kits to parents, both acoustic and electric.

Stamford Music Shop 

Mad About Drums, Peterborough 

Important: When a child starts drum lessons, they do not have to have a kit at home straight away. Within a couple of terms of learning, if they are doing well then buying a kit becomes more important. 

Guitars & Ukuleles

Stamford Music Shop 

The Guitar Lounge, Peterborough 

Breve Music, Peterborough 


Stamford Music Shop

Cambridge Strings

Millers, Cambridge 


Teachers will be glad to help and assist with any query