Tutorial Books

There are many different books that assist with the learning of musical instruments, from beginner to advanced. Our recommendations are as follows:-

Piano - Easiest Piano Course by John Thompson series (Parts 1-4) - Primary School

Piano - The Complete Piano Player by Kenneth Baker (Books 1 & 2) - Secondary School

Keyboard - Progressive Keyboard Method for Young Beginners by Andrew Scott & Gary Turner (Books 1 & 2) - Primary School

Keyboard - The Complete Keyboard Player by Kenneth Baker (Book 1) - Secondary School

Recorder - Recorder from the Beginning (Books 1 & 2) by John Pitts 

Guitar - Hal Leonard Guitar Method 

Ukulele -  Hal Leonard Ukulele Method 

Flute - Flute Basics by Sally Adams

Clarinet - Clarinet Basics by Paul Harris

Saxophone - Saxophone Basics by Andy Hampton

Trumpet/Cornet - The Boosey Brass Method Book 1

Drums - Chris (teacher) often uses sheets he has put together when pupils start, and if going well can then advance onto books, which can be advised when required. 

Violin - Abracadabra Violin (3rd Edition) by Peter Davey 

Other books and material are of course used in lessons, but these are the books that beginners tend to use.

Where to get them?

Stamford Music Shop

Online the best website is www.musicroom.com (Amazon is also used)