Anthony: Violin, Piano, Keyboards, Guitar

Personal Message

I am passionate about music in all forms, styles, and genres. I was brought up in a family of musicians and teachers. I learned violin and piano at a young age and later broadened my interest into guitars, pop and folk music. Although the violin is my 'main' instrument, I consider myself first and foremost to be a musician and teacher. I aim to inspire and educate through my broad knowledge and passion for music. I would define myself as a musician, teacher, violinist, performer, composer, and producer.


"Samuel has been playing the violin for 3 months now and he always comes back from his lesson very keen to show us what new note/piece he has learnt. The weekly feedback from Anthony is his workbook is great and always encouraging" - Michelle Ward, Parent of pupil at Duke of Bedford.

Schools with JMP Music

Alderman Jacobs Primary

Duke of Bedford Primary

Eye Primary 

Holme Primary

Nene Valley Primary